“Writing a book is a creative act.
A finished book is a product.
Selling a book is a business.”
From Successful Nonfiction by Dan Poynter

Do you have a book in you?

Have you written a book and don’t know the next steps?

Congratulations! A recent survey noted that 81% of the U.S. population feels they have a book in them and that they should write it. You are among the top 1% of the population that has actually put your thoughts on paper.

The Author’s Assistants are a team of virtual professionals committed to assisting authors with everything from proofreading to publication to book promotion. Our virtual professionals can help you recognize and develop the next logical steps to turn your manuscript into a book.

The Author’s Assistants can help you locate a qualified editor and proofreader, work with a professional designer for your book’s interior and cover art, take care of details like applying for the ISBN, LLCN and copyright, research a traditional publisher or help you find the perfect print-on-demand (POD) service to self-publish.

We obtain the necessary permissions for quotes, research and check facts, send out advance copies for reviews and testimonials, and coordinate all this to meet your publication date.

It takes a team to successfully publish and promote your book.

But once your book is printed, then what?

Promotion! Professional author’s assistants have a unique skill set to serve authors. Using today’s technology we can help you set up a Web site and shopping cart for your book sales, create a virtual book tour, set up and maintain a blog, upload and maintain your book’s information on Amazon.com, locate bookstores and coordinate book signings, find speaking engagements, set up and record teleseminars and podcasts, create book trailers and videos and so much more.

Our specialty service is helping authors create a strategic plan that includes social media networking to create a viral online marketing campaign for their book. Call us for more information on Social Media Networking for authors!

We can help you organize your writing life for greater efficiency and productivity.

We love working with creative authors, writers, speakers, trainers, consultants and entrepreneurs. We take the mystery out of the publishing process and help you develop a successful promotional strategy so that you can create serious passive income from your writing efforts.

That’s what we do – as virtual professional author’s assistants we handle the details so you are free to write that next book.

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