Book + Distribution = More Sales

Okay, let’s talk about distribution. Where are your books being sold? Mainly online? Good. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Google Books, Scribd and Smashwords? Where else? Did you know that where you choose to have your book printed impacts your distribution?

Yep, a lot of self-published authors choose to use CreateSpace (because Amazon owns it, duh.) and IngramSpark  mainly because of the enhanced distribution. IngramSpark offers a broader range of distribution markets around the world. I know, Amazon is the place to be, I agree. But why not take a chance and see if ingramSpark’s distribution system can add a few sales to your bottom line. You don’t have to publish with IngramSpark, just set up an account and upload your files. They take it from there. Use CreateSpace for your Amazon sales. Bingo! The best of both worlds!

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