The Three Ps of Book Creation

  • Polishing

  • Publishing

  • Promotion

As an author you’ve poured your heart, soul and most importantly, your time into writing your book. It’s your baby. A piece of your heart and head. You’ve given birth to an idea.

Now what? First things first – polishing your manuscript. What do we mean by “polishing”? Editing for grammar, punctuation, flow, and readability. You’ve spent so much time writing your book now you need an objective second set of eyes.

A good editor will take their time to help you create the very best possible book. They won’t change your writing or even your wording, unless they can make it more concise, but they will help you refine it.

How can we help? We can –

  • Inventory and organize source documents (if you have a lot or research to collate, organize and distil into content)
  • Fact check information in manuscript
  • Obtain permissions to use quotes case studies and interviews
  • Research editors for your genre
  • Find a proofreader for the final review

Once you have perfected your manuscript we can coordinate the publishing process –

  • Locate a print-on-demand publisher
  • Get the files specifications from the printer
  • Send the final manuscript to the interior formatter
  • Get the ISBN, LCCN, copyright, Book In Print listing
  • Coordinate the front and back matter for the book
  • Work with you and a graphic designer to create an awesome book cover
  • Set up an account with the printer and upload the files and order a proof copy
  • Get any revisions finalized

Parallel with the above process we can –

  • Begin finding reviewers
  • Gather testimonials and reviews

And then we step into the promotion process by –

  • Getting your domain name, finding a hosting service and creating your website to mirror the branding of your book
  • Create your media materials, bio, book one-sheet, press release, etc.
  • Set up social media accounts
  • Prepare a social media marketing campaign
  • Schedule book tours
  • Set up a book release party on Facebook with giveaways
  • Maximize your author and book page
  • Organize an editorial calendar
  • Manage speaking and book signing events

Sounds simple? Well there are over 100 steps to publish a book. Hiring an author assistant will ensure that you don’t inadvertently miss any step in the process. After all, you want your book to shine and SELL! Make sure you have the help you need. We’re here to help.


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