Book + Website = More Sales

So you market on your website too don’t you? I mean besides having all the information on your book, where to buy it (complete with “Buy Now” buttons that redirect to Amazon or wherever), you do announce your book being on sale, and post 4 and 5 star reviews too, right?! You also have a book trailer too don’t you?

We live in a visual world and images help sell anything. Book trailers are simple and contain good visual images related to your book, music and verbiage. They usually run about 2-3 minutes in length. If you have a YouTube channel you can upload them there too and imbed them in your website.

Here are a few suggested websites to check out –

How To Make a Book Trailer for FREE That Looks Professional

Spotlight on Business: 4 Elements of an Awesome Animoto Book Trailer

For those of you who are not do-it-yourself inclined I highly recommend my good friend Andrea Kalli

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